ID 423

ID 423 Général Leclerc / Bois Colombes

Welcome to our cozy apartment at 5 Rue du Général Leclerc, Bois-Colombes. This serene retreat features a comfortable double bed, a fully equipped kitchen, a washing machine, and a separate bathroom with toiletries provided. The apartment is nestled in a quiet interior courtyard, ensuring a peaceful stay away from street noise. The fact that the apartment is in an interior courtyard and close to transportation is a big advantage, especially for avoiding noise while being close to amenities. Located just steps from public transportation and only 10 meters from the bustling Rue des Bourguignons, you'll have easy access to high-quality bakeries, a renowned chocolatier, and various shops. Perfect for a convenient and comfortable Parisian experience.

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Postal Code: 92270

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